The Oregon boys 2007-08 Orange soccer team won the 14/15U championship at the 13th annual Norski SC Spring Fling tournament April 23-24 in Windsor and DeForest.

On the first day of the tournament on April 23, Oregon Orange tied U14 Union Select 3-3. Oregon bounced back to shut down Rock soccer 13/14U Gold 5-0.

Oregon Orange then rolled by Middleton United 14/15U Black 4-1 on April 24. In the championship game on April 24, Oregon cruised to an 8-0 win over 14U Union Classic 8-0.

Oregon 2009 Black wins Rock Soccer Clash

The Oregon boys soccer 2009 Black took first place in the U13-14 division at the Rock Soccer Clash Tournament on May 7-8.

The Oregon 2009 U13-14 black team includes Coach Patrick Goolsby, Phillip Schuppner, Phillip Harms, Gavin Thompson, Cooper Pulvermacher, Isaac Pugh, Andrew Jeremiason, Liam D’Amelio-Will, Jayce Oparie-Addoh, Henry Loup, Jack Khalil, Preston Riemer and Gavin Doyle and Cole Jones.

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