I am writing on behalf of Village Trustee Mike Wunsch. I am a resident of the village and live down the street from him and his wife, Rae Vogeler. I got to know them shortly after moving to Oregon.

While it is true that Mike and Rae have similar opinions on the best use of the land at 249 N. Main Street, I do not believe it is unethical for him to vote on the matter. He has no financial stake in the future of the lot in question, and I do not think he has received anything of value in exchange for his vote.

He does not stand to gain anything based on the outcome of the vote, and I truly believe he is doing everything he can to act in the best interest of the community. While I may disagree with his opinions at times, I have never questioned his integrity.

If the Village Board or Village Administrator feel differently, I trust and hope they would state as much on record and ask Mike to abstain from voting on this matter. The fact neither have done so leads me to believe that they are comfortable with Mike voting.

Brent Teske

Village of Oregon


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