Letter to the editor

I’m Mike Wunsch and I’d be honored to have your vote to re-elect me to the Oregon Village Board.

Over the past two years, I’ve worked hard to represent you. I’ve been the most effective trustee in getting things done for the citizens of Oregon. I initiated the implementation of the Village’s Housing Affordability Report and the rewrite of its parking ordinance to reduce the cost of new development. This should make new housing more affordable.

I wrote the ordinance creating the village’s ad hoc sustainability committee and wrote the Memorandum of Understanding that requires solar, geothermal and other measures in the new library building. Both of these initiatives work to protect the environment, address climate change and will save village money over the long run. I’ve introduced a number of measures that make it easier for citizens to participate in their village government.

I’ve listened to citizens when they’ve petitioned the board. I supported including pickleball courts in Phase 1 of Jaycee Park when pickleball supporters lobbied the board and raised money to help build the courts. I’ve listened to the divisions in our community over the future of 249 N. Main Street and believe we need a solution that takes all of our citizens’ concerns into account.

I support creating a park on part of the property at the same time that we develop the other half. (I will be recusing myself from this decision. My wife is part of the Oregon Sculpture Garden, which is proposing to purchase part of this property. I won’t participate in a decision that has financial implications for a family member.)

I believe Oregon is at a crossroads. We need creative, smart leadership to allow Oregon to grow while maintaining its small town charm. We must redevelop our downtown in a way that preserves its historic character while creating more storefronts and allowing more people to live in the downtown. This will ensure that our downtown remains the vibrant center of our community.

We need to accommodate new growth without Oregon sprawling out over the surrounding countryside. And we must transition our community to net-zero – eliminating carbon emissions to ensure our children and grandchildren have a bright future.

I ask for your vote. I’ve fought for you over the past two years. Please give me the opportunity to continue that work.

Michael Wunsch


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