Letter to the editor

I value hard work, honesty, and someone who “does their homework.” These values are needed at all levels of government today. We have someone in the Town of Oregon who lives these values as our town supervisor. Her name is Kate Gladding.

I’m urging you to vote for Kate as Board supervisor on April 4. She served the town the last two years with distinction. Kate will serve us well for the next two years.

I first worked as a citizen committee member with Kate on the Town’s natural hazard (e.g., floods, ice storms, tornadoes, etc.) mitigation planning group. When it was learned that our town’s 10-year-old plan needed updating, Kate stepped up and started the planning process and worked effectively with Dane County planning staff.

This is important as Dane County received federal disaster declarations on 15 occasions since 1976. I’m proud our Township is one of the few townships out of 30 Dane County townships that is prepared for the next disaster.

Her commitment and dedication to our community is evident because she spends her time making things better. For example, Kate served the Town of Oregon as a poll worker and chief elections inspector. She actively seeks diverse opinions on taxes, speed limits, and the use of ATVs on town roads.

Her extensive career in healthcare brings a professional view that will serve us well.

Kate and her husband, Chic, have lived in the Ravenoaks subdivision for over 30 years and know our needs. She has been a good neighbor.

Join me in voting for Kate on April 4 for Town of Oregon Supervisor. She deserves your support.

Roe Parker

Town of Oregon

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