Letter to the editor

I support Mike Wunsch for village trustee because preserving our environment is very important to me. It is our obligation to pass on a livable planet to our children and grandchildren. Mike has been a strong voice for protecting nature and limiting Oregon’s impact on the environment.

Mike has supported preserving the old growth trees and creating a park on a portion of the property at 249/267 N. Main Street. These trees predate the founding of Oregon by 100 years.

Mike wrote the ordinance creating Oregon’s Ad Hoc Sustainability Committee. He currently serves as the village board’s representative on that committee.

Mike has consistently urged the village to transition to solar power and electric vehicles.

He wrote the Memorandum of Understanding requiring the library to incorporate solar power, geothermal, native plantings, and other nature friendly features into the new library building.

He initiated a rewrite of Oregon’s parking ordinance, allowing builders to reduce the size of parking lots in their new developments. This reduces building costs, helps reduce stormwater runoff, and preserves green space.

I am glad that we have a strong environmental advocate on the village board. I urge you to support Mike Wunsch for the reasons I've stated.

Carol Bloom


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