I am writing to urge the village board and citizens to support the proposed Sculpture Garden Park concept.

When the new Methodist church was built and the original church was left unoccupied, I’d often think as I drove by, that it should be made into a community center or an art center. Sadly, it was torn down.

Over the years I have watched with curiosity as the village has considered several projects for this space and each was rejected. As an artist myself and a member of several area art organizations, I was delighted to hear of the idea of making this wonderful green space into a sculpture garden park. What a great idea.

This space would again have the potential to be both a center for community and art. It was so fitting. A place where the community can gather and also enjoy art.

Others have spoken to the economic benefits and the environmental benefits of this sculpture garden park. I’m here to address the value of aesthetics. That green space on north Main Street affects the look and feel of our village.

I’m sure you have all driven into a new city or village and thought … I like the look and feel of this town. It's not always an easy thing to put your finger on what it is, that makes you feel that way.

Art is that way. Nature is that way. Sometimes it just makes you feel happy or calm or amazed.

I hope the village board has the foresight to recognize and seize this opportunity to bring joy, serenity and wonder to our village, and to visitors from other areas.

If you feel the same, let your village board members know that you too support this new park or endorse the project by going to OregonSculptureGarden.org.

Ann Kleckner


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