A Patrol K9 is trained in tracking, narcotics detection, handler protection, article and building searches and apprehension of suspects, according to the OPD’s K9 Unit proposal.

The Oregon Police Department welcomed a new German Shepherd partner to their K9 Unit. However, he has yet to be named and the local law enforcement agency turned to the community for ideas on what to call him.

The OPD took to Facebook to announce his arrival and get people brainstorming in the replies. They intend to make a final decision on the shepherd’s name by Wednesday, Aug. 24. The post garnered over 100 comments, with a top comment that suggested a German name like Archie, Freddie, Axel or Ansel. Another popular response suggested “Nogero – Oregon spelled backwards.”

The dog was selected to work alongside recently appointed K9 Handler Alex Koratko, a former school resource officer with the Oregon School District. They start a 5-week training program on Sept. 5 and plan to be out and about in the village after their certification.

Koratko told the Observer he is looking forward to the day the pair can officially get to work: “I'm very excited for this opportunity with my new partner to serve Oregon and our neighboring communities!”

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