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(From left to right) Jaclyn Craker, Andrea Anderson, Jim Pliner, Jen Schmitt, Krista Flanagan, Brandi Hussli and Brad Breuning celebrate the partnership between the Friends of Oregon School District and Oregon High School.

The Friends of Oregon School District (FOSD) awarded a grant of $1,750 to Oregon High School’s new Academic Success Center. The funding will go toward training and support programs for student tutors. Jaclyn Craker, the Academic Engagement Specialist, submitted her grant application with the intention to open the Center at the start of the 2022-23 school year.

The Creating Opportunities for Oregon Learners (COOL) Grant was created by the Oregon Area Education Foundation. FOSD was asked to manage and distribute the funds. The organization cited their belief that trained, student tutors help close academic gaps and create inclusive learning environments in their reasoning for their final selection.

The Center was designed to meet the specific needs of ninth and tenth grade students. Craker’s proposal included plans to schedule tutors into the Center every class period. It also included an emphasis on outreach messaging that encourages students to use the resource on a drop-in, as-needed basis.

“COOL grants provide OSD staff with opportunities to get creative on how they can engage all students, no matter their background,” Karin Victorson, the current FOSD president, wrote in a statement to the Observer. “Additionally, teachers get to think outside of the normal budgeting process and provide students with opportunities.”

Craker was hired into her role as Academic Engagement Specialist in a similar trend of brainstorming by Oregon School District officials. They relied on student feedback and responses to the educational shortcomings revealed during the pandemic when designing the position and the resultant Academic Success Center.

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