Tyler Richter, an Eagle Scout with Troop 168 of Oregon, led a group of his peers, friends and family in environmental and building efforts at Anderson Farm County Park on Saturday, Sept. 10. For his Eagle Scout project, Richter planned the construction of and implemented three new compost bins for the park’s food pantry garden.

Composting is a natural recycling process that turns things like food scraps, leaves, vegetables and more into a mixture of decayed organic matter. The final product is highly valued as an nutrient-rich social additive, so much so that people have nicknamed it “black gold,” Anderson County Park Friends wrote in their announcement of the project.

Richter’s specific contribution to the Food Pantry Garden was another example of Troop 168’s success in the area to APF President Roe Parker. In 2021, volunteers were able to grow and donate over 3,400 pounds of fresh produce to area food pantries in Belleville, Verona and Oregon. As of Sept. 20, 2022, they’ve already collected 2,100 pounds. Next year, Richer’s compost bins could help them grow even more with the soil upgrade.

“Black gold is the future,” the organization wrote on their website. “Tyler Richter’s Eagle Scout project is building a healthy park and resource for the community–for years to come… This is another example of APF and the scouts in Troop 168 building for the future.”

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